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Market Research

INCCS provides research consulting to help clients build brands, shape strategy and drive profitability through operations in China and India. Our expertise includes consumer and B2B audiences, and a full array of research tools. INCCS provides cutting-edge decision support services that help you make critical decisions with greater speed, insight, and accuracy.

We offer a suite of consulting services such as Strategic Growth Consulting, Market Entry Strategy, M & A, Competitive Benchmarking, Due Diligence, SWOT Analysis, Opportunity Screening, and Target Screening - that empower our clients to increase market share and profitability. INCCS's broad scope of services helps plan for growth—not only opportunities you should pursue, but also the technology and strategy required for success.

Our full range of Market Research services include:

  • Marketing strategy
    • Competitor analysis
    • Market segmentation & Targetting
    • Positioning and brand strategy
  • Implementation guidance
    • Concept Testing
    • Product & Pricing strategy
    • Marketing planning
  • Shopper Insights
    • Market assessments
    • Customer satisfactions surveys
    • Marketing Analytics

Our continuous networking with clients, suppliers, and competitors creates complete visibility across the entire value chain. Our proven interviewing and data collection techniques open access to vital, yet hard-to-find, market insights. Through our detailed primary and secondary research and analysis, we create unmatched data accuracy and insights. Each market research report from INCCS delivers insight across a wide range of crucial factors such as market size, growth drivers, competitive landscape, trends, and forecasts. You can have these timely and insightful market reports at your fingertips literally in minutes.


International Business & Export Services

INCCS is a leading international business development and marketing consulting firm that specializes in helping enterprises create sustainable growth through successful expansion into international markets.

We offer unparalleled knowledge backed practical guidance to firms wanting to enter the exciting markets of China and India. We offer a range of solutions to help enterprises, big or small, succeed in Asian markets.

Our services include:

  • New product and business development
  • Market research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market entry strategy
  • International lead generation
  • Developing local contacts for wholesale distribution or partnership
  • Partner search
  • Support of negotiations or M&A
  • Brand development
  • Assistance with local certification
  • Export finance
  • Overseas marketing and promotion
  • Online marketing including website development and local SEO
  • Developing local language contextually-correct marketing communications
  • Public relations
  • Product launch
  • Trade show support services
  • International end-user / customer support

Any of the above services can also be availed of on a stand-alone basis or as part of our end-to-end comprehensive Export-to-China (EIC) or Export-to-India (EII) solution.


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"INCCS was great! I was very skeptical at first about sharing my sourcing needs with some one else for fear of having to pay through my nose for the Crane my company wanted commissioned, but INCCS really came through for me. Not only did they give me a great choice of eligible vendors who met our needs, they also helped us save mega bucks by negotiating so hard it felt as if they were the ones buying and not us!!"

Ritesh Sharma

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