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Strategic Sourcing

INCCS is the leading provider of strategic sourcing services in the Asian countries of India and China. Every year, we help organizations save millions in spend. Staffed by experienced country and category specialists, our sourcing teams get sustainable results fast real results that improve the bottom line and create competitive advantage.

Try our services today in realizing measurable, tangible savings and expanding your business's strategic reach and effectiveness. We configure solutions to suit your specific goals, ranging from multi-year programs to achieve specific savings targets, to short-term, category-specific engagements where you want to shore up in-house expertise.  Our sourcing expertise includes:

  • Capital expenditure – engineering machinery & equipment used for your production processes
  • Maintenance-Repair-Operations (MRO) items
    • Consumables - cleaning, laboratory, or office supplies
    • Industrial equipment - compressors, pumps, valves
    • Plant upkeep supplies - gaskets, lubricants, repair tools
    • Computers, fixtures, furniture, etc.
  • Direct materials
    • Raw material
    • Components & Parts
  • Packaging Material - Corrugated, Cartons, Kraft paper, Pallets, Slipsheets, Films and Flexibles, Plastic and Glass Containers, Shrink and Stretch Wraps, Blister Packs, Labels, Polybags, Adhesives, Metal Packaging, Green packaging etc.
  • Logistics Partners – We procure logistics service providers for the most complex supply chains at competitive rates and high service levels.

Procurement and Import Services

Research says best-in-class procurement organizations source at least 20% of their enterprise spend from low-cost countries. Welcome to China and India - global manufacturing centres delivering quality goods at lowest costs with stable economic and political environment.

Whether or not your procurement team has experience in Low-cost Country Sourcing (LCCS), INCCS can help you achieve more value more rapidly. Our team brings strong category-specific technical know-how, understanding of local policy trends, tax rules and trade-related regulations to the table.

This local knowledge is augmented with our industry-leading analytical capabilities, market intelligence and category expertise to help our clients minimize risk, maximize value and adopt Low-cost Country Sourcing with confidence.  We help fulfill every small and big business need, viz.,

  • One-time import of machinery & equipment
  • Repetitive procurement of raw material
  • Achieve price arbitrage in your trade - buy low, sell high

Our services include:

  • Product / service assessment - Understanding which product / service will meet your business requirements perfectly.
  • Supplier Identification and Assessment - Supplier Research, Capability Assessment and Audits
  • Sourcing and Negotiations - Strategy Development, Bid Process Management and Negotiations
  • Execution and Implementation - Contract Execution, Logistics Plan Development, Commissioning, On-going Audits and Supplier Development.

Innovative Technology sourcing

To improve competitiveness and retain sustainability, firms require new technologies and capabilities. In this age of rapid innovation and complexity, it is challenging for the firms to develop internally and remain competitive at the same time. Technology sourcing involves isolating and implementing new innovations within an existing business framework.

At INCCS, we help you

  • Scout and research new technological potential and the eventual transfer of these technologies to your orgainziation.

  • Identify new technologies, organizing and channeling data on these technologies, and assessing the ease and value of implementing them.

  • Capitalize on the successful scouting of a new technology by sourcing it from the appropriate party.

  • Accelerating Innovation Through External Technology

  • Balancing External and Internal Development Efforts

  • Determining Your External Technology Acquisition Goals

  • Finding What You're Looking for

  • Structuring the Deal

  • Integrating External Technology Sourcing Into Your Business Processes and Managing Resulting Relationships

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"INCCS was great! I was very skeptical at first about sharing my sourcing needs with some one else for fear of having to pay through my nose for the Crane my company wanted commissioned, but INCCS really came through for me. Not only did they give me a great choice of eligible vendors who met our needs, they also helped us save mega bucks by negotiating so hard it felt as if they were the ones buying and not us!!"

Ritesh Sharma

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