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 Energy & Lighting Industry | A Preview

Energy & Lighting Industry in China

As China’s economy continues to grow and people’s living standard rises, the demand of the mainland market for lighting products is also expanding. In the last 20 years, China’s lighting industry has been developing rapidly at a steady pace and the country has become a leading lighting producer and consumer in the world. Figures from Euromonitor show that the total value of electric lamps and lighting equipment China produced in 2013 amounted to Rmb387.6 billion, up 21.6% year-on-year. In the landscape lighting market, decorative lights for public areas such as streets and squares are the leading products. The priority given by China to the policy of developing energy-saving environmental protection industries will continue to serve as the major impetus propelling the development of light emitting diode (LED) lighting. Trendy, personalised, energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting fixtures are the latest trends in home decoration. In the mainland market, demand for personalised luminaires is expanding and the colours of lighting also come in a great diversity. Further integration of China’s lighting industry has led to the formation of five major production bases in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian and Shanghai. The number of lighting enterprises in these four provinces and one municipality account for over 90% of the total number of enterprises in the industry.  Know More >>

 Electronic Industry in India

The Indian lighting market has grown at a CAGR 12.8% from 2005-2011, with USD 2.1 billion market in 2011. The compact florescent lamps are the major contributor in the overall lighting market in India for 2011. The lighting market is fragment among various players and provides company profiles of the major players in the Indian lighting market.  The Indian LED market had showcased a growth of 68.3% annually from 2009 to 2011. The Indian lighting market is expected to see a brighter, more energy efficient and environment friendly future, with the penetration of the LED market in India. In 2011, the Indian lighting market size was USD 2.1 billion. The Indian lighting market had augmented at a CAGR of 12.8% from 2005-2011. The growth of the Indian lighting market was mainly influenced by compact florescent lamps (CFL). The government ensured that the companies were able to recover their costs through the sale of carbon credits. With the government’s assumption of continuation of carbon credit funding, the Bachat Lamp Yojana program gave a boost to the CFL market in the country. The nationwide LED village campaign launched by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) had initiated 34 LED based streetlight projects in 23 states. Know More >>

 What INCCS can do for you..

  Sector specific language services

At INCCS, we provide specialized technical translation & interepration for energy and lighting industry. Our language translators are equipped with technical vocabulary and in-depth knowledge of energy and lighting industry in India & China, ensuring that you get technically correct, contextually accurate and localized content with lowest delivery lead times and cost. Know more about INCCS language services here>>

  Tailored Sourcing & Procurement Services

If you are a manufacturing industry engaged in the energy and lighting industry, INCCS sourcing experts can help your business generate sustainable savings through strategic sourcing of various inputs in your assembly line viz., engineering machinery & equipment, Maintenance-Repair-Operations (MRO) items, Consumables, Industrial equipment, Plant upkeep supplies, and Direct Materials (raw materials, components & Parts). If you are a retailer / trader, we have an unsurpassed large database of best-in-class manufacturers and can match you the best quality suppliers of automotive parts and equipments. Know more about INCCS sourcing & procurement services here>>

  Specialized Market Research and Export Services

At INCCS, we have dedicated specialized market research teams for every industry vertical we cater to including energy and lighting industry. Our sector experts assure you of the most accurate and actionable market insights to help you decide which Asian markets to enter, when and how. If you do decide to enter the challenging energy and lighting markets of China and India, our regional experts can help your from start to end, from building your market entry strategy to product launch. Our range of services include international lead generation, developing local contacts for wholesale distribution or partnership, partner search, support of negotiations or M&A, brand development, assistance with local certification, export finance, overseas marketing and promotion, online marketing including website development and local SEO, developing local language contextually-correct marketing communications, public relations, product launch, trade show support services, and international end-user / customer support. Know more about INCCS export & marketing services here>>

  Effective International liaison services

We at INCCS, help firms build everlasting strategic relationships through our bouquet of liaison services including organizing business delegations and assistance in participation in trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences that help you in every step including Domestic travel arrangements,Accommodation arrangement, Organisation of promotional events, factory visits and Preparation and Management of buyer-seller meetings. Our specialized language translators with in-depth knowledge of automotive industry and technical vocabulary would be at your service throughout your stay to ensure that you close the deals before you leave.  Know more about INCCS liaison services here>>

  Customized Project Management Services

If you are aiming to set up a manufacturing unit catering to energy and lighting industry, allow INCCS to partner in your success. We at INCCS are staffed with six-sigma black belt experts and PMP professionals having demonstrated expertise of project execution in energy and lighting industry. Our concept to commissioning model (C2C model) promises smooth execution of your project from start to end including project planning, reporting and communication, budgeting and cost control, scheduling risk management, stakeholder engagement and regulatory approvals, design management change management, construction monitoring, project acceptance and turnover, and final project close out. Know more about INCCS C2C project management services here>>

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